Horse Shoes have been considered lucky for centuries and there are many stories as to where the luck came from.  There are differences in opinion as to how to hang Horse Shoes, some say if the shoe is hung with the opening facing up it catches the luck and others say if the opening is facing down it lets the Luck spill out and spreads to anybody who passes through the door where it is Hung or passes by it on the wall.

You Decide


Anne Healy creates beautiful bespoke good luck horse shoes. Each shoe is made to order and is a unique piece. Shoes are genuine & have been hand painted & decorated , you can choose your ribbon colours to personalise . Each Horse Shoe has its own character & personality & is overflowing with luck. Anne can’t wait to share with you.

It is also said that Horse Shoes are only lucky if they have been worn by a horse. All our Good Luck Horse Shoes have come from Working Horses, which have been worn for a period of 4 to 6 weeks depending on the amount of work the horses have been doing. Each Good Luck Horse Shoe has been sanded, treated for rust and hand painted.  Each has been designed individually, and is a unique piece, each shoe varies in size depending on the Horses Hoof and how the Farrier has fitted it, some have Stud Holes depending on what events the horse was doing.


An T-Ainm (our Name) Biddy is a pet name for a Brilliant Gray Mare Ruthstown Biddy who gave us plenty of joy, hours upon hours of fun, she kept her riders safe and brought us lots of Good Luck which we can now share. Brog Capaill Aidh.