Horse Shoe Candle Holder


Genuine Horse Shoes filled with luck candle holder , hand made & decorated . Made to order. (Allow 5 working days) silver in colour cream flowers attached . Candle included. Beautiful home decor, bringing luck to your home.


Horse Shoe Candle Holder

Horse Shoe Candle Holder made from two genuine Irish Horse Shoes, these are the perfect household gift full of good luck and tradition. This would also make a great wedding gift or would be suitable for wedding decor. Adding this to the alter or cake table would be the perfect way to add some good luck to your day.

Please note that each gift is made to order and no two horseshoes are the same. Lead time could be up to five working days if not in stock.


each horseshoe has a character and personality of its own so each is totally unique and and varies in size and shape

(Please note the candle and lights are not included)


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