Horse Shoes have been considered lucky for centuries and there are many stories as to where the luck came from.  We now bring this Luck to you, with our Bespoke Good Luck Horse Shoes. We bring an old tradition to life using a genuine Horse Shoe, and create a luxury hand made piece of traditional Irish Good Luck.  


With a love of tradition and a belief in the good luck of the Irish horseshoe, Anne Healy started her business initially as a hobby to share good luck with friends and family. Anne received a horseshoe on her wedding day 30 yrs ago from her flower girl Cecelia, and it proudly sits in her kitchen. Horses have been a big part of Anne’s family life with her two sons Edward and Mike both avid riders.  In January 2019 Anne left her corporate job to follow her passion and make memories and magical moments full of good luck for everyone.


An t-ainm (the name) Biddy is a pet name for a brilliant gray mare ‘Ruthstown Biddy’, who Edward (Anne’s son) rode for years and had great success on. Biddy gave us plenty of joy, hours of fun, and lots of good luck for her riders. We are so delighted to be able to share this luck with you. “Brog capaill aidh”