A horse shoe is a Symbol of luck and protection. For Centuries It  was known  to fight off evil, hense it was lucky.The tradition states that it must be a used shoe , so we only use shoes which have been worn by our horses. There are various claims also  as to how you hang the horse shoe, facing up or down, your choice. All our horse shoes are hand painted and decorated, and are unique pieces.

A Horse Shoe can be given for all occasion, Weddings,( I have my Wedding Horse Shoe , which I got almost 28yrs ago)Anniversaries, engagement gifts, hen party gifts, birthday Gifts, New Baby Gifts, new Home Gifts, your Home gift to yourself, Thank you gift, Good luck Gift, communion and confirmation gifts, 18th and 21st gifts,basically any occasion where you want to wish luck.
Traditions are special, and so important to keep alive, so lets share a Biddys Good luck Horse Shoe for Luck.