A good luck charm for  your pocket, A small genuine shoe that you can put in your pocket or handbag to get you through, and add a little good luck.

An Irish good luck Charm  which you can carry with you.

Do you know a family member or friend that would benefit with a little good luck in their pocket.


this gift comes gift boxed with a personalised note.


this little good luck charm is ideal for the bride on her wedding day to carry with her, the groom can put it in his pocket, a great lucky charm for family or friends unwell or going through a hard time and need that extra bit of good luck which they can carry with them. Have you a child that could benefit from having a small piece of good luck with them, something that will take the worry away, and will give them something to focus on.
there are many uses for this little shoe, that will fit in the palm of your hand.