Why would you gift a horse shoe

When I look at a horse shoe I see, Luck, tradition, love, memories, happiness, beauty, strength, inspiration, wisdom, thoughtfulness, uniqueness. So when you buy a gift from Biddy’s Good Luck Horse Shoes you are not buying a horse shoe you are buying a gift full of tradition, made with love, overflowing with memories, happiness and thoughtfulness.

You are getting a keepsake for life, A horseshoe has been known for centuries to represent luck and protection, it was initially used to fight off evil , thus lucky, and given for weddings, the tradition of giving a horse shoe to the bride as a lucky charm and then put up in the home by the groom. I actually have  mine up in my home,  I received it  from my beautiful flower girl Cecelia almost 30 yrs ago.
Now a Horse Shoe is given for every occasion, weddings, engagements, hen party gifts, new homes, your own home, new babies, thank you gifts, Good Luck gifts, wedding favours, communions, confirmations, Mother’s Day, St Patrick’s day gifts, visiting friends gifts, etc the list is endless.
So when you are looking for a unique gift think of what a horse shoe offers, if you receive one, know how much thought has gone into it.

Remember a horse shoe is not just a horse shoe it’s so  much more, and there is nothing like a piece of Irish Good Luck which has travelled the length & breath of ireland and has been so close to nature and the irish country side.
It’s all about the thought, meaning and good luck.