Irish Hand Made Fairy Doors

We are all looking for a little magic right now, both adults and children, and what better way to awaken your imagination than with a magical hand made fairy door. A fairy Door brightens up a room or a garden and it will put a smile on your face, and will instantly spark the imagination, and that can take you anywhere, you are definitely never alone when you have your fairy friends, to talk to, confide in,  to dream with. Fairy doors inspire imagination and make lasting memories, and they are friends for life.
Our doors are hand made from real wood, and a genuine horse shoe, they are hand crafted not factory made. They Have a roughness and rawness to them as the shoes still have the groves on it that the horse left when he wore it!! So each is totally unique. We love our Fairy Doors and we know you will too. So make lasting memories and let your Imagination take over and make magic .